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Rowley, MA

We installed the Deck-Guard bird repeller early in the spring of 2012 on our 30 foot sailboat. We did this because shortly after our boat was on it's mooring in the Merrimack River we were visited by several seagulls and comorants. They appeared to be setting up to stay for the summer. The required cleanup was extensive.

As soon as we put the Deck-Guard bird repeller on our boat, not one bird set foot on it. The Deck Guard worked very well for several weeks before we went to Maine. When we returned from our visit to Maine we used to Deck Guard for the last few weeks of the summer, and we had not one visit by birds. We are very pleased with the Deck-Guard bird repeller.

When the boat went in the water this spring, we found that the Deck-Guard was inoperative. As the unit was no longer in warranty we immediately purchased a new Deck-Guard bird repeller, because within two days the birds were back on our boat again.

As soon as the new unit was on the boat, there were no more bird visits, it really works!Furthermore, we are very pleased that your company is replacing our failed Deck-Guard bird repeller even though it is out of warranty. We now have a spare, hopefully we will not need the spare. The spare Deck-Guard bird repeller will probably become a "loaner". Given the aggressiveness of the birds in the Merrimack, it is likely that this "loaner" will sell several more units for you.

Earle (Neil) Beasley

I bought a Deck Guard at the Boston Boat Show this year. There is an old wooden Chris-Craft motor yacht on the hard at my marina with a canvas cover. It is in disrepair and reminded on the hard during the season last year. It is inhabited by a few hundred swallows that come out at dusk for the bugs, and make a mess on the boats in their slips. Last year that included mine!!

This year they avoid my boat and have changed their flight pattern away from the boat as soon as they get close the unit turns on and they turn 90 degrees away. I have not had any mess to deal with, and highly recommend this product if you have a bird problem.

Gary Christman

Port Orchard, Washington

We have had a DeckGuard bird repeller on our 48 Tolly for almost a year now, and we have been very happy with the product.  Before we installed it, we had a major problem with bird droppings at our uncovered moorage.  The problem disappeared almost completely within a few days of installation (which was easy) on our mast on the flybridge, and we have had only occasional bird droppings ever since.  The solar-powered noise-maker has worked reliably in response to motion, and the noise has been confined to the area of our boat.  Our neighboring boat owners have not had a problem with the sound, and have also noticed a reduction in the bird droppings on their boats.  Well worth the money!

Denny Walters  M/V "Long Cheer"

Cape Cod, MA

Prior to buying a Deck-Guard one year ago at the New England Boat Show, each year, especially in the Fall, I struggled to keep cormorants, osprey, and gulls from desecrating my Catalina 350 moored in Cotuit Bay, Cape Cod.  I tried flags and wires across the spreaders, but nothing seemed to work until I tried Deck-Guard.  When I first turned it on, on the hard, a crow in a nearby tree flew away and the next store neighbor started to bark, so I know I had a shot at this working.  Well, it worked even better than expected.  I mounted it on the dodger structure and pointed it up towards the spreader.  The result, a clean boat all year.  Deck-Guard works.  It's fairly priced and simple to use. 

Art Torino
Catalina C350, Netti Verde

Mattapoisett, MA

Hi Guys,

I purchased a Deck-Guard in the spring of 2012 and installed it on my 26' powerboat for the 2012 boating season.  My boat sits on a mooring in the outer harbor in Mattapoisett, MA.  I have been on this mooring for over 20 years, and always have had major problems with bird droppings on the boat.  In past years the only way I could keep the birds away was by suspending many monofilament lines above the boat, and these were a royal pain to put up, take down and maintain. 

Last year with the Deck Guard I only had two occasions during the season when I found bird droppings on the boat.  Otherwise the Deck-Guard kept my vessel free of droppings from launch in May until haul out in November.  So while it is not 100% effective, it is pretty darn close!  I am very happy with the Deck-Guard and am happy to recommend it to others.

Best regards, Mike Huguenin
Power Catamaran "Osprey

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