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Gold Coast, AU

Good day mates,
Unit finally got to the coast. Happy to announce it was worth the wait! Do you have any representation in Australia? Perhaps I can help you distribute here. Let’s talk.

Ted T.

Balboa, ESP

Hello from Espana. I emailed you on the deck guard not working. I took your ideas of where to but the machine and it now works very well.

Happy, happy! Thank you for the advise.

Graca M.

Miami, FL

I have been using your deck guard for a few weeks and wanted to let you know that we are pleased with it. One thing to consider, you mention on your website that the motion detects up to 10 feet however I have tested it to detect up to at least 15 feet. Thought you might want to know.

Bill C.

Savannah, GA

Hello Deck Guys, Came across this while searching. Thought you might enjoy.
Apparently, they haven't hear of you...Yet.

Kelly A.


Cape Cod, MA

It really works! I went from spending roughly an hour to two of cleaning every time I would go out sailing...to no cleaning at all.

Marc R.

Buzzards Bay, MA
This is what I used to deal with. Imagine - GROSS! Your product really works. Thanks so much!

Brian W.


Portsmouth, RI
As an anniversary gift to my husband, I purchased your product and I have to say, We where a bit reluctant at first. We have tried almost everything on the market, non of which have worked. As you can see from the enclosed photo, the only successful way we found in making our boat “poop free” was to spend hours upon hours of going into defense mode before and after our trips. This included using netting to cover the boat along with, flags and plastic tie downs on the bow pulpit. You cant image how excited we where when your product actually worked. Thank you DeckGuard.

Margie & William T.

Miami, Florida

Ted F.

Wolfeboro, NH
I wanted to send a quick not to tell your readers that the easiest location I found for placing the Deck-Guard was on the radar mount as shown on the photo. I simply used two plastic tie downs and it worked like a charm. Great product!


New Bedford, MA
Hey Guys, No more flying tell tails. Deck-Guard rocks!

John A.

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