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Customer Testimonial - Martin Lynn, Founder/Co-Owner, WinchRite

Roger Grier, Pettit Paint Representative - Testimonial

Waterford, CT

I was skeptical about your product claims but 2011 was a very bad year on my mooring for gulls.  I generally only get to the boat  3 or 4 times a month and I was spending hours cleaning up the mess which is never easy. Being on a mooring is tough for maintenance nut like me that really likes to keep the boat clean and having limited water aboard makes it even more challenging.  This season, I placed your unit on the bow pulpit facing aft. Remarkably I had hardly any mess the whole season. The deck of my 37 foot powerboat stayed perfectly clean.  The guard also keep my teenagers off my boat until they figured out how to turn the unit off.

Ken Morse, Marketing & Outlet Store Manager, Defender Industries

Rockaway, NJ

Hi Guys! Just wanted to let you know the closing season was a success with no bird waste on my vessel. Your product saved me many hours of cleaning and saved the boat for going up for sale. Thanks again!

Roger Grier, Pettit Paint Sales Rep

via Amazon Customer Reviews

Bought this device on a whim at the beginning of the season and we've been using it on our boat all Summer. We were skeptical at first, but it has dramatically reduced the amount of bird crap and other bird related messes we have to deal with. Compared to some of the other products we've tried in the past, Deck-Guard is, hands down, the best way we've found to keep birds from landing and making a mess when we're not on the boat. In fact, I'm planning on buying a few and giving them as Christmas gifts this year!


via Amazon Customer Reviews

Once in the sunlight, the deck guard worked out of the box, to my surprise. Small, compact, no moving external parts. I tied it with plastic ties supplied to my stern rail. Returning to boat a week later, much reduced Cormorant and Gull droppings. Appears to be effective. Immediately ordered a second and fastened it to bow rail. A month later, both are still functioning (you can tell because motion sensor activates red light).


San Diego, CA

Just a quick note. We are an Engineering company based in San Diego, we have found these devices work well and we are implementing them into our marina projects. Thought you might want to know.

Stuart S.

El Cajon, CA

Hello Deck-Guard,
As you can see from the flying bridge, first shot, the guard may not be quite level, but when you look as a side shot from neighboring boats, it looks real close. From the earlier photos you thought it was too high but this is the same it was then but more accurate photos. Not only has my success gone to around 90% but I’ve made a hardwood, sharp edged (2” wide), scraper with a stiff brush attached to the end I can turn over to, and brush after scraping. The combination of much less deposited, and a better cleaning system has it well under control. Thank you for your product. By the way, it is so high that I have to use a pole to turn on & off. If I’m on the flying bridge the sound is not pleasant so I try to turn off but it is not simple. I don’t suppose you have a remote I could purchase.

Dave S.

Boston, MA

I have been absolutely thrilled with your standard Deck-Guard product. I have been using it on my 21’ boat to deter seagulls. Very effective!

Bruce G.

Falmouth, ME

To whom it may concern:
I was having a problem with Ospreys roosting on my mast head on my 55 foot motorsailer with 65 foot mast (very common area for cormorants, various herons, ospreys etc to roost and make a big mess). I live in Falmouth ME the Osprey population has grown dramatically in the past couple years it is not uncommon to see 10 or more out fishing in under a 1 mile stretch and there are something like 1,200 sailboats on moorings in that stretch! My boat is right in front of my house, so I can sit on my deck and carefully watch the behavior. For the past month I have had Ospreys roosting and hunting from my mast head every day at an hour or so before sundown without exception. I tried all sorts of deterrents ... owl's, pin wheels, streamers, and nothing worked for more than about 10 min ... except me running out to the boat and scaring them off when they land (which I have been diligent with).   Yesterday I bought a Deck Guard and fastened it  to a  small plank  so that when hoisted up the main halyard at an angle it pointed at the mast head. I purchased mine at Hamilton Marine who seems to be doing a brisk business in them in the past week (there were 5 there one day I went back to buy one,  there were none ... so I had to order one thru them).    I attached three lines to the plank and secured  2 on the aft quarters and 1 near the base of the mast. By hauling the halyard up so that all 3 were tight, I was able to stabilize the mount  sufficient enough to prevent false triggering (which was a problem with only 2 lines aft) I am happy to report that as the birds approached from aft into the wind (as they always do) the device picked them up about 10 feet away from the mast head and they were immediately and visibly repelled as it triggered. Now we will have to see if it continues to work or if the Ospreys will acclimate to it. I was concerned that it would be triggered by the Windex (aft) or the anemometer (Forward). The anemometer is sufficiently hidden by the mast and the Windex does not appear to trigger it as far as I can tell so far.  My only problem is the angle of the solar panel which now only charges in certain wind directions and can be quite shaded. It seems to me that a devise configured to work at this angle with a plate of some sort would be very marketable.

Dan B.

Annapolis, MD

Dear Deck-Guard folks:
I purchased a Deck-Guard device at the Annapolis boat show about three weeks ago.  It was sold to me by a gentleman who was simply covering for the company owner for a bit.  I was very skeptical and brought along with me a scientific paper showing ultrasonic devices did not work, that birds cannot hear in the ultrasonic range, etc.  Since the device had a 30 day money back guarantee, I took a gamble.  Since the time I installed it, my pier and sailboat have been free of bird droppings.  I’ve tried the “predator eyes” and that worked for a few weeks and the birds came back.
I was told you were interested in video testimonials and were offering a gift card for good ones.  I’m not interested in the gift card but in another two weeks, I’ll record some video and send it to you.  If you are so inclined, and wish to give me a gift, another Deck-Guard would be appreciated.  I’ll also have my friend buy one for her deck.  Anyway, so far, I’m impressed.

Richard S.


I put a Deck Guard on a sailboat that has been a guano factory… only last week.
The man reports back today, in short, "Dear Mr. Birdman.. You Da Man... not one turd.  WOW".    

Mark P.


Yarmouthport, MA

Bill and Jan Richmond

Mattapoisett, MA

I bought one of your units at the Providence show. I have to admit, I was hesitant whether it really worked, so I decided to test it on a family of Canadian geese that hang out in the back yard. I immediately noticed that they seemed annoyed by the sound. After a few days they where no longer hanging out. It has been a few weeks and they have not returned. Needless to say I purchased an additional unit for the boat. Thank you.

Benjamin W.

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