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Boating Business July 2013
Deck-guard is designed to repel birds using ultrasonic sound waves or predatory distress calls to prevent them from making a mess of your boat. Neglected bird droppings can stain surfaces and eventually erode materials. The solar-powered, motion-activated unit comes in two models and is said to repel birds from 30 to 70 feet away. Deck-Guard Ultrasonic Repeller measures 4.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 3.1 inches deep. Deck-Guard Predatory Repeller measures 8 inches tall by 4 inches wide by 4 inches deep. Both units are weatherproof and are powered by a built-in solar panel. However, Nickel Metal Hydride rechargeable batteries (3AA) can also power the units. The unit's MSRP is yet to be determined.
Deck-Guard Deters Birds With Ultrasound
A year after its debut, Deck-Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller, solar-powered and using ultrasound at a frequency of 30 khz to 55 khz, is available not only in the US, but also South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. It was created scare birds from roosting on boats because bird droppings possess a high concentration of acid, which is harmful to humans and causes stains and prematurely wear out surfaces and fabrics on your boat or patio. Bird excrement can cause thousands of dollars in damages to your property and cause you to waste many hours cleaning instead of enjoying your boat or patio. Now, with the push of a button, you can protect your boat or patio from bird excrement. You will not need to buy scarecrows, flags, or nets. Deck-Guard will detect movement, day and night, and the geese, ducks, pelicans, gulls, etc. will not land on your property. The unit does not hurt your pets. Cats and dogs are not inconvenienced by its ultrasonic waves. The product requires no maintenance, is easy to install and environmentally friendly. It can be purchased online at at a cost of $79.95. Deck-Guard also offers a new unit for larger commercial areas with eight predatory and distress bird calls. It has been available since November and is available for $125.
Lakeland Boating - November/December 2012
Deck-Guard LLC solves this common problem in an environmentally friendly and human way with the introduction of its ultrasonic bird repeller. The device emits a pet-friendly sound that manages to offend the birds and prevent them from perching. The sound covers an area of 30 feet, making the device ideal for your boat, waterfront house, or backyard deck.

The Deck-Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is available at more than 60 marine supply stores nationwide, including West Marine. MSRP is listed at $79.95 on the company's website. For more information, visit or call 508-990-2154.
Day 2 of the 42nd Newport International Boat Show - September 15, 2012
Day 2 of the 42nd Newport International Boat Show was another busy one. The crowds started right when the gates opened and took us through another great Fizz @ 5!

We met some great people today while we were here at the show. One of the first booths we stopped by this morning was Deck-Guard. They sell an Ultrasonic Bird Repeller that has a 30 degree by 15 degree range. It can be permanently mounted or you can mount it when you want to use it with adhesive tape or Velcro.

Our second stop today was to visit our friend Jessica Wurzbacher at her booth The Fair Lead. She has a gorgeous selection of handmade nautical dog leashes & collars for all size dogs. They are a great locally made product made by Jess herself, here in the Newport area.

The coolest toy of the show today was in the Aquabotix booth NYC Tent C Booth 14-15. In their pool display they are featuring the Hydroview. It allows you to see underwater on the screen of your ipad all while taking photos or record video. It's handy for searching for lost items, studying marine life, check water depths or inspect the underside of your vessel. If you get a chance, stop by their booth to play with their amazing products.

Sam was able to take a break today and take advantage of a little retail therapy at the Ella Vicker's Recycled Sailcloth Collection booth. She got a great tote made of recycled sail that is both fashionable and functional. Stop by and visit Trish Montgomery in NYC Tent c Booth 40.

Diego's on Bowens Wharf was the site today for a cocktail reception sponsored by Nautical RHODE ISLAND for exhibitors at the show. We caught up with a few friends while there, Mary Weaver of Newport Cooks! and Elizabeth Tiedemann of the Tiedemann Collection.

Our host today at Diego's was Marie Beebe of Nautical RHODE ISLAND. Keep an eye out for the Autumn 2012 issue of their magazine. Be sure to see page 12 & 13 to catch a glimpse of the New Hunt Yachts 44 Express Cruiser.

It was another good turn out in the Boatshed Newport booth (NYC Tent C Booth 33) and a successful Fizz@5. Stop by tomorrow & Sunday to our Boat of the Moment board and have a gander at the wide variety of boats we are featuring this weekend in our booth. As always join us tomorrow at 5 for a cocktail and a chat. It's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

The Deck-Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller is available at more than 60 marine supply stores nationwide, including West Marine. MSRP is listed at $79.95 on the company's website. For more information, visit or call 508-990-2154.
Boating Times Long Island - March 24, 2012
The easy to install Deck-Guard Ultrasonic Bird Repeller ($79.95) is a motion activated system that emits a 30-55 kHz frequency that keeps birds and their fecal matter away from your boat. The frequency was designed to not be audible by humans or dogs. Ideal for those boating on the North Shore where seagull populations have been increasing, this system not only keeps your boat cleaner but also keeps if free from bacteria especially dangerous for children and pets. - January 9, 2012
Deck-Guard has announced the launch of a new ultrasonic, solar-powered bird deterrent for boats. According to company founder and inventor George Telheiro, the device creates an ultrasonic "barrier" that frightens, annoys and intimidates seagulls and other birds and prevents them from perching on boats. Further, Deck-Guard is said to emit its bird-repelling sounds at frequencies that are undetectable by most humans, dogs and cats. The motion-activated device covers a 30' area and is suitable for all vessels.
"Since installing a Deck-Guard on my own boat, I have seen a significant decrease in the amount of bird droppings," says Telheiro. "You will always get 'flybys', of course, but no more perching. Best of all, there's no need to fool around with outlandish plastic owls, flags, wind propellers or cumbersome and expensive netting. All you need to do it press a button and you're done!"
Deck-Guard will be displaying its product at the Providence Boat Show in Rhode Island.
Press Release - November 23, 2011
"Ask yourself this a boat owner, how much time do you spend cleaning your boat of bird droppings?" asks George Telheiro, CEO of Deck-Guard, LLC. "Wouldn't you rather be spending that time enjoying your boat? Absolutely! That's what Deck-Guard offers the pleasure boater."

Masts, spreaders, canvas covers, radars, and railings on boats provide perfect perches for birds. Bird droppings can stain canvas covers and other surfaces and can be difficult to clean. Gulls, cormorants, pelicans and pigeons commonly use boats to land on. If neglected, bird droppings can stain surfaces, and eventually erode the material. A high concentration of uric acid is found among seabirds' droppings. This acidity can erode materials and stain fabric, costing boaters hundreds if not thousands of dollars in cleaning and replacement costs. Not to mention the health hazards associated with bird droppings, such as bacteria and parasites that can lead to serious illnesses.

Deck-Guard solves this common problem for all boaters in an environmentally friendly and humane manner by creating an ultrasonic sound that repels birds and prevents them from perching on boats. One device covers a 30 ft area and is suitable for all boats.

"We're very excited about the launch of this product, and I can tell you from first hand experience that it works", Telheiro said. "After spending hours upon hours of cleaning excrement on my own boat, I thought...there must be a better way. We have been testing the product for a few years and are now ready to launch it to the public. Since installing it on my own boat, I have seen a significant decrease in the amount of bird droppings. You will always get the fly bys but no more perching. Best of all there's no need to fool around with outlandish plastic owls, flags, wind propellers or cumbersome and expensive netting anymore. All you need to do it press a button and your done."

The product has had positive feedback from boat owners who have purchased the product. "I love to hear back from boaters," Telheiro said. "You really get a sense of their excitement, mostly because they don't have to deal with cleaning poop anymore."

About the Product Deck-Guard utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to frighten, annoy, and intimidate seagulls and other birds. Deck-Guard is solar powered, motion activated and maintenance free. Deck-Guard gets rid of birds while maintaining a clean, comfortable, bird-free environment allowing more time for boating. Deck-Guard can be purchased online at
Wind Check Magazine - November 5, 2011
Poop Happens... but it doesn't have to happen to your boat.

Birds, beautiful as they may be as we sip morning coffee off the deck at home, are not such a welcome sight at the marina. The good news is that there are many products available offering a solution to the nuisance of bird poop. The list of products reads like a ghoulish ad for Halloween - spikes, spiders, "evil" eyes, and scarecrows. From there, the products become a little more sophisticated - motion devices such as motorized repellers, reflecting tape that crackles in the wind or "eyes" that swing from mast lines and spreaders. And finally, there are the "new age" electronics - ultrasonic devices that allow you to "dial a bird call." Question is - do any of these products actually work?

Visual deterrents are low cost, commonly used devices that consist of a prominently displayed predator eye - whether it be vinyl such as the predator eye balloon or brightly painted iridescent foil eyes. Both offer the visual predator deterrent as well as movement from wind of boat motion. Some folk swear by decoys such as hawks - these remind me of the scarecrow in grandpa's garden... scary at first, but lacking the motion component. Bird spiders are cost effective and offer motion as a deterrent with all those lightweight little "arms" bobbing around.

A more sophisticated approach is the solar repeller which operates off of a solar powered battery that can be turned on to provide continuous motion of repeller "arms" which scare birds away. Keep in mind that birds are smart. It didn't take them long to "get used to" grandpa's scarecrow and use those arms for perches.

At the recent New England Boat Show, Gulls Gotta Go unleashed their new "Gulls Cat," a deterrent that utilizes both motion and vision. Designed by avid boater Bob Alves, the Gulls Cat resembles a hungry predator and utilizes subtle movements powered by green-energy sources such as wind or sea. The Gulls Cat is equipped with a twitching tail and skyward-looking face that moves with the slightest breeze or rocking action of the boat or dock. Birds instinctively avoid it. Tests in the summer of 2011 proved that the Gulls Cat worked even better than Alves had hoped. Numerous samples were sent to boaters throughout New England and all of them found that the fearsome feline kept birds from landing on their boats and docks. "We really knew we were onto something when we collected the prototypes the day before Hurricane Irene hit the Northeast," Alves said. "The following day our testers were calling and texting, demanding that we return the Cat." Installation is quick and easy: fill with water, snap on the head, connect the tail, and watch birds fly away. To order, go to

On the high tech side, Deck-Guard offers an ultrasonic repeller that is affordable, effective and environmentally friendly. Utilizing ultrasonic sound waves, the device is designed to "frighten, annoy and intimidate" gulls, terns, cormorants and a wide variety of other birds that are such a nuisance to boaters. "Ultrasonic technology has been around for many years and is a very effective deterrent. Ultrasound is measured conically and one Deck-Guard unit will typically protect a 30-foot boat, as it emits 15 degrees vertically and 30 degrees horizontally," explained George Telheiro, founder and CEO of Deck-Guard. "Ultrasound travels unidirectionally, so placement is critical."

Deck-Guard operates on solar power with back-up rechargeable batteries, and activates when it detects "tangible" motion - such as the motion of birds as opposed to the motion of water or possibly a flapping sail. When activated, sound waves emanate at 15-second intervals, which keeps fowl from becoming accustomed to the sound. "This is one reason why the unit is so effective," said Telheiro. "Unlike other repellers on the market which birds tend to get used to, Deck-Guard has been designed to work only when it detects motion - otherwise it stays silent. There is nothing to it. You simply turn the device on when you are away from your vessel and off when you are onboard. It's that simple." For more information, visit

While the options for bird deterrents are plentiful, the cost is relatively small. Visual deterrents such a foil eyes, decoys and balloons can often be purchased for less than $20. More sophisticated bird arms and motorized devices can run upward to $200 - with additional costs for mounting brackets. The Gulls Cat or Deck-Guard, on the other hand, will run less than $100 including shipping. Whichever product you choose, one thing is certain: a simple investment in a deterrent that works is sure to give you more time to enjoy boating!.
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