Mounting Questions?
Not sure where you should mount your Deck-Guard? Send us a photo of the area you wish to protect and we'll help you determine where the best location for mounting your Deck-Guard. Send us your photo to

Deck-Guard units come with temparary fasteners. We suggest that you use these fastners while determining where the best location for your Deck-Guard will be. Once location has proven to be effective, we then suggest using permanent fastners. We also recommend using 3M Marine Grade Double Stick Tape or 3M Marine Grade Velcro to fasten mounts to Deck-Guard units. Using screws will break the waterproof seal and invalidate the warranty.

Before Mounting...
It's important to remember that sound works unidirectionally and in a conical manner. Therfore, one ultrasonic unit protects a range of 30 feet by 15 degree vertical range and a 30 degree horizontal range. (see diagram to right). One predatory unit protects a range of 70 feet by 15 degree vertical range and a 30 degree horizontal range. (see diagram to right).

It is also important to note, ultrasonic waves behave in the exact same way as normal sound waves. Ultrasonic waves will not travel through obstacles such as glass or walls, but rather, will be deflected by these surfaces. This is important to keep in mind, as many areas have raised structures which will deflect ultrasonic waves. This range will be reduced if there is a structure in the way which can deflect the ultrasonic wave. This means more than one device may be required to adequately cover a boat that is 30' or under in length.


Set Up:
Setting up your Deck-Guard is simple. For best results, mount your Deck-Guard vertically at the exact level where birds tend to perch. Place the unit within 30 ft. of that area, for motion sensor range. Once turned on, the motion sensor will activate when birds move into its coverage area. Once installed, simply turn it on when you are away from the area and turn it off when you are present. It's that simple. Deck-Guard works both day and night.

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